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Day trip in the Westhoek?

Discover our catering!

Want to stop off somewhere for something to eat and drink?

Are you planning a special group trip, family day trip or another day trip in the Westhoek or elsewhere in the region? Our hotels are your perfect stopover to catch your breath, quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. All our hotels provide catering for your breakfast, menu, coffee in the bar or on our terrace or dinner, in a cosy environment and with friendly service. Check our hotels where you can stay during your day trip and where you can insert a morning, afternoon or evening stopover.


The best food and drinks during your trip

For a morning break, we can offer many options, from a satisfying coffee with coffee cake to an extensive breakfast buffet to get the day off to a good start. For lunch or dinner, we can offer tasty sandwiches as well as a warm three-course meal or cold dishes with fish or meat or an extensive barbecue! Something for everyone, from young to old.


Want to know more about our catering options?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone so that we can send you the various options. Day trip in the Westhoek ... let us take care of the food and drinks!

We guide you on your expedition

If you want to explore the region in a group and you would like to have a word of explanation about the many sights, then we can offer your group a professional guide. The guarantee for a pleasant and instructive day!

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