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Hotels in the Westhoek, from Ypres to Veurne and Diksmuide

Are you looking for the perfect hotel in the Westhoek?

Finding a hotel that has everything you need for a perfect stay in the Westhoek? Here you will find several bases to explore the region. From the vibrant centre of Ypres to the peaceful places around Veurne and Diksmuide with the Belgian coast within easy reach. Both for a cosy get-together as a couple or in a group.

Hotel Flanders Lodge: Ypres

Hotel New Regina: Ypres

Gasthof ‘t Zweerd: Ypres

Hotel Oude Abdij: Lo-Reninge

Hotel Hinterland: Alveringem

Hostel Ypres Lodge: Ypres

Gasthof ‘t Zweerd: Ypres

Hotels Flanders Lodge, New Regina, Hotel Oude Abdij, Hotel Hinterland, Ypres Lodge or Gasthof 'tZweerd: Book your favourite hotel in the Westhoek now!

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